Providing Animals a Second Chance in Life

Bottle Babies Rescue is one of the few nonprofit organizations in Allen Park, Michigan dedicated to animal care and rescue. We rescue abandoned animals off the streets and take them to our shelter for proper medication.

Our team tirelessly works to provide them the round-the-clock care they need while we find them a loving family. We specialize in neonate orphans but are open to all animals in need.

Give Homeless Pets a Chance

Open your heart and your home to a rescued pet from Bottle Babies Rescue. We have plenty of adoptable dogs and cats who are already housetrained, spayed, and neutered. Find the pet that best suits you through our online pet finder!

They Are Ready for Adoption!

Donate Today!

If you’re not well prepared to bring home a pet just yet, you can still give us a hand through monetary donations. Every penny you wish to give can make a huge difference in the lives of many pets in our shelter. Simply click on this link to send your donation online.